Black Cock Lust

If only the boring biopic, “My Week With Marilyn”, had focused on a fantasy week Marilyn Monroe spent with the mystery black man featured in this snap. Who knows the depth of the Marilyn Monroe black cock lust. The story behind the photo that William Travilla, Marilyn’s dress designer, revealed was the irresistible black mystery man and Marilyn spent the evening together at an almost exclusively black club in Los Angeles, something that just wasn’t done in 1952. Travilla is also in the photo seated next to Marilyn. Known as the 5-4 Club and situated in South Central Los Angeles, the club was a famous all-black nightspot frequented only occasionally by white boys who dreamed of having the “cool” or “soul” that black men did and by white girls who dreamed of being blacked!

Marilyn Monroe Loves Black Men

Marilyn Monroe Interracial Controversy

Understandably, Monroe’s studio was outraged when they found out about Marilyn’s night on the town, especially after it followed hard on the heels of her infamous nude photograph scandal in March of that year and the fact that she had just been on the April cover of conservative Life magazine. Marilyn’s secret lust for black men was quickly hailed as the hot Hollywood gossip. As a result of allowing Marilyn’s dark lust to be caught on camera, the studio fired Travilla from the film they were working on. But Marilyn – one of Travilla’s closest friends – stood up and said “If he goes, I go.” And of course, they let him stay, but they were successful in keeping this picture out of the press. Decades after Marilyn’s suicide, the photo was found in Travilla’s collection. Marilyn Monroe was fearless it seemed. Tragic that if she had been lucky enough to be born 50 years later, she would have been able to publicly indulge her black lust, brazenly declare herself black only and indulge in the massive ebony cock she so longed for.

I think it’s something of a misconception that white girls have only begun to lust after black men in recent times. The reality is, their intense lust for big black cock has ALWAYS been there. The problem for women in bygone eras was only that it was less socially acceptable in those days and therefore, apart from the brave and the brazen, the girls were frustratingly forced to repress their burning desires.

Jack Jackson Interracial Lust

For instance, in the 1920s, black heavyweight phenomenon, Jack Johnson shocked the world by parading a succession of beautiful white women as his famed lovers. The white girls adored him and enjoyed the freedom of being the interracial sexual plaything for such a huge, talented and aggressive black man. He also married a white woman (Jackson and wife in photo below) which was extremely controversial for that time.


It is inspiring to realize that woman are now finally able to act upon their hunger for black cock without any social stigma to hold them back. Upcoming blog posts here at will feature more celebrity interracial black cock lust and interracial lust in history.

Interracial Penis Size Evolution

Why do black men have a bigger penis than white men? And why are whiteboys so submissive and open to being systematically black cuckolded? These are questions that occupy the minds of emasculated white boys all over the world, as well as beautiful white girls. Read peewee the cuckold‘s groundbreaking and startling theory on the interracial penis size evolution!

No doubt, beautiful women constantly ask themselves how they came to be dealt such a weak hand, as they lustfully yearn for real men with big black cocks. It is scientific FACT that the white boys in the UK, Europe and North America have, on average, a much smaller penis than big black men from Africa or of African descent. Just as elsewhere in the world, we all know that black men have bigger penises than the white boys. It is therefore assumed that penis length is genetically determined. But there remain no scientific studies which have identified the genetic regulators of penis length. So, why would there be a size difference?

As with all females, when taken as a general trend, women DO admire, appreciate and seek the longer and larger penis. As such, any proposed theory that there has been sexual selection towards a smaller penis, therefore, becomes implausible and fallacious. However, evolution often works in strange ways and I seek to propose a different theory on the size difference between the black and white human penis.

Penis Size Evolution Theory

The penis is a well vascularized organ. In this way it differs to a degree from other primate penises. The penis is not only well vascularized, but also the blood flow to the penis can be regulated. This can only mean one thing. The penis is a heat exchanger. A comparable organ is the ear of the African elephant. It is well vascularized and has a large surface area. It is used to dissipate heat. The male penis is not only used for reproductive means, it is also a heat exchanger in the hot climate of Africa where humans emerged. A dual function of organs is not uncommon in the animal kingdom. When pioneering humans first migrated to Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia from Africa, the cradle of humanity, they settled in cold climates. Initially, the difficulties in settling would have been immense, as these explorers were acclimatized to sun and heat. A large penis was therefore evolutionarily detrimental to survival as it dissipated too much heat. Consequently, as generations passed, and the surviving specimens were those who had the smallest penises and thus acclimatized to their new environments more quickly and efficiently, the penis of this group of men shrank to reduce the surface area.

Naysayers should also note that a common-held evolutionary theory is that Asians and Africans, et al, are descendants from TWO different specimens! So, the comparison between those whom have descended from the African men, and those whom have descended from the far smaller Asian specimen, is not a valid one. Hence the reason why Asians have tiny cocks despite their warm climes! And that, Saras Playroom readers, is the truth and nothing but the truth so help me Darwin.

White Boy Cuckolds

As for why white boys are increasingly surrendering to their girls’ exodus to black cock, and choosing to torture themselves by associating, supporting and idolizing these “fans of tan” and real men as they humiliate and eventually breed the white male out of existence, I think it is clear. Every man wants what he can’t have. When you couple that with the inescapable fact that so many of our MOST beautiful white girls are now exclusive to black, then you have created a natural propensity for white men to fixate on these unattainable, sexy, black cock sluts as though they were Goddesses to be worshiped. Fine, but why do white boy cuckolds also submit so helplessly to the black men that are winning the hearts of our beloved girls? Why are they beginning to stop resisting and instead, starting to kneel in submission as they watch their girlfriends and wives slip out of their clutches and skip merrily into the beds of the black men?

Well, what else can they do?!

Black men are generally bigger, tougher, more dominant. The white boys know that. They also know that their girls DO want the black cock, whether they like it or not. If they fight it, their girls will only resent them even more than they already do, for having held them back from their dark desires for too long. And in any case, if they fought it, they would lose. So, in a position of complete helplessness, white boys have been forced to re-educate their sexual response system, so that they eroticize the idea of their girls betraying and humiliating them with better endowed, bigger black men. They offer up anything they can – servitude, gifts, cleaning services, etc – just for the opportunity to be around a beautiful girl and her real man because they know they have nothing else to bring to the table. And many whiteboys willingly lap a girl’s pussy clean of the black bull’s spunk because they know that this might be the only means by which to savor actual physical contact with the objects of their affection.

Kanye West Sex Tape Rumors

The Kanye West sex tapes rumors, which started when Radar Online dropped the exclusive story, have nearly evaporated. Were the sex tapes just a publicity stunt? Or did Kanye reach deep into his pockets and shell out some cash to hush the hot babes who were in the two interracial sex videos with the big black cock boasting rapper? The clue might be in his relationship with Kim Kardashian. One of the sex tapes features Kanye with a barely legal Kim Kardashian lookalike.

Kim and Kanye

Would Kanye really want such a sex tape to see the light of day or the light of computer screens? Kanye seems to be smitten with Kim and states his crush or krush on Kim began years ago. His latest ode to Kim’s body is the song “White Dress” where he says he saw her in a club in a tight dress, but pictured her in a white dress (wedding dress). Basically, this is Kanye’s way of saying that he envisioned Kim would someday be Mrs. West. Kanye has stayed out of the marriage fol de rol that social climber Kim has indulged in. Kim has married for plastic surgery, shopping sprees, cuckolding, humiliation, money, ratings and to attain more fame.

Kim and Kanye House Hunting in Miami

Kanye may not have wanted his sex videotapes to create a nuisance that would interfere with what Kanye seems to feel is a serious relationship. He and Kim and are shopping for a house together in Miami, a place where they both feel comfortable and less hounded by paparazzi than L.A., although the paparazzi seem to have descended on them like seagulls frenzied over a chum feast. One thing is for certain, the Kanye sex videos are real. However, it doesn’t sound like the Kanye sex tapes will be officially released or leaked to the public. Unlike the Hulk Hogan sex tape. Really, would anyone even want to watch that sex video except Hogan himself?

Interracial Sex Tape

Beautiful UK singer Tulisa still hasn’t recovered from the shock of her interracial sex tape showing up on the net. Why is this UK songstress so shocked about the exgirlfriend sex videotape which found its way online featuring an oral sex scene of her with rapper MC Ultra? Most female sex tape stars act angry, upset or shocked about sex tape releases and then hope the tapes reel in the dollars, literally. Tulisa, former N-Dubz singer who was chosen to replace Cheryl Cole as a high profile judge on the popular UK show X Factor, apparently felt her sex video was an intimate, personal cell phone sex video for her exboyfriend MC Ultra’s eyes only. But realistically, women should know that if it’s hot sex on tape or video, men don’t keep these “personal” sex clips to themselves especially after they’ve broken up with their exGFs or… Celebrity cell phones are regularly hacked and nude cell phone photos and sex videos are then uploaded onto the internet or sold. In the video she made with her exBF Justin Edwards a/k/a MC Ultra, Tulisa doesn’t seem to be embarrassed about her lust for big black cock, nor should she. And her interracial video didn’t hurt her X Factor judge status. Sex tapes are becoming more the norm these days instead of shocking to the public.

tulisa mc ultra interracial sex tape

Kanye West 2 Sex Tapes

…and no, neither of these Kanye West 2 Sex Tapes are with Kim Kardashian. Which might be a good thing actually, since it’s well known that Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J was kinky, but boring. Back to Kanye. Kanye West has not one, but two sex tapes being shopped to various sex tape entertainment peddlers who are submitting bids to buy the tapes and release them. One tape is in the 20 minute range and the other is up in the 40 minute range. In typical celebrity sex tape length, these are considered long interracial sex videos and could make whoever releases them quite a chunk of change. What isn’t clear to the media is exactly who’s shopping these tapes. The two tapes each feature different female lovers. And rumor has it that Kim Kardashian isn’t happy about these tapes circulating while she’s involved with Kanye. Pot Kettle Interracial Black?

So, there are three potential scenarios: 1. Kanye West has someone “shopping” the sex tapes for publicity purposes with no actual intent to release the tapes. He has been dropping tunes lately, so it wouldn’t be surprising that this whole scenario is thug theater. 2. The chicks are shopping the sex tapes, because they need cash. 3. Someone stole the sex tapes and is brokering them.

If these sex tapes hit the net, they will obviously be viewed many times by BBC interracial sex lovers. If the tapes are not being shopped as a ruse to create buzz for Kanye, he could obviously pay off the girls in the sex tapes or sic his lawyers on the thief who stole them, ditto any potential buyer to squash the release of the interracial sex tapes. The outcome is yet to be known at this writing; although, the tabloids are sure to be hot on the trail of the Kanye sex tape mystery seller.

Kanye West 2 sex tapes

Seal Accuses Heidi Klum Fornicating

Many people have followed the relationship of Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Heidi Klum, with singer, Seal, and now its ugly break-up. Interracial relationships and marriages have gone from culturally unacceptable and forbidden by law 60 years ago in certain parts of the U.S., to pure fetish appeal to men and sexual fantasy to women. There was no doubt what first attracted Heidi to Seal was his cock size. Heidi has revealed in many interviews that she spotted Seal in a Manhattan hotel lobby wearing bicycle shorts and saw the blaring evidence that he was “a real man”. Of course, this meant Heidi is a Size Queen and noticed Seal had a big black cock. But what is even more intriguing and compelling about their first meeting is that Heidi was pregnant at the time by another man, a wealthy Italian Formula One team director and renowned international playboy, Flavio Briatore. Heidi let nothing get in the way of pursuing the black Alpha male BBC stud she craved and cuckolded Briatore by hooking up with Seal. While Heidi’s relationship with Seal lasted nearly 8 years, the marriage has closed out in a rather disconcerting way with Heidi stating that Seal’s temper is what drove them apart and Seal now claiming that Heidi has been “fornicating with the help”, specifically a bodyguard. Is Seal feeling like a cuckold? There is a modern belief only black men can cuckold white men. While this is a popular form of cuckolding, any man can be cuckolded. I’ve written about reverse cuckolding, which counters this black over white cuckolding model, where white men cuckold black men. Kim Kardashian enabled reverse cuckolding in her first marriage. And now, potentially, Heidi has done both forms of cuckolding by dumping her white boyfriend for Seal and then dumping Seal in favor of a white man.

Seal Accuses Heidi Klum Fornicating

To keep her image, Heidi has strongly denied any relationship, other than a professional one, with the bodyguard, who is white, by the way. However, there is a romantic history of women who have fallen for their bodyguards, who feel the strength in the one man who protects them. Caroline Kennedy married her bodyguard. Princess Stephanie of Monaco married her bodyguard (marriage ended in divorce). But even more well known is the film “Bodyguard” featuring an interracial romance between Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. The archetype in the royal Princess or celebrity falling for the bodyguard dates back to the Lady being rescued by the dashing Knight. In this case, it may only be an emotional rescue for Heidi as she probably needs a confidante, someone she can share things with, someone who she trusts, like Princess Diana trusted her bodyguard, absence of romance.

jerk off encouragement POV videos

50 Shades of Gay

Gaywayne, one of my guest blog writers feels that gay guys should have their own gay romance novel series a la 50 Shades of Grey. The concept? 50 Shades of Gay. Fags need their own romantic and bdsm fantasies fulfilled. In the publishing industry, it’s now known as Dick Lit instead of Chick Lit.

Dick Lit versus Chick Lit

So, Gaywayne has been playing around with an opening to his interracial gay ass novella:

“While Roger was brewing coffee in the kitchen wearing only his long t-shirt that barely covered his ass cheeks, he saw Anthony walking out of the bathroom with nothing but a little towel wrapped around his waist. Then Roger noticed real tears running down Anthony’s face, not just that Anthony hadn’t totally toweled off from his shower. Roger walked out of the kitchen into the hallway to stop his friend, who he’d known since college, by grapping his wrists and gently asked, “Hey, do you want to tell me the real reason you chose to slept on my couch last night instead of sleeping with your girlfriend at your apartment?”

Anthony broke down even more and sadly confessed that his girl dumped him for another man. A big black man that is. Not only did he do that, but also he told Roger how the black man put his arm around his ex-girlfriend and said, “Hey whiteboy, how does it feel having all your women taken away from you?” Anthony said, “Very small sir.” But he meant he felt very “small”, not that his endowment was small. The black dude Jherome said, “Show me how small whiteboy. Go down on your knees and pull it out.” Anthony told Roger he was drunk and in addition to being drunk, felt so devastated that his girlfriend was over him and he hadn’t seen it coming, he knelt down and revealed his dick and it was very small in comparison to Jherome’s stud cock. Then he said his girlfriend and her new boyfriend told him he needed to leave or else they were just going to start having sex right in front of him and essentially cuckold him. He said he got up, feeling stupid, and left.

Roger put his arms around his long-time friend and looked deep into his blue eyes and said sweetly, “Anthony, don’t you think it’s about to explore a new alternative?” Anthony truly needed this emotional support that Roger was giving him, but asked his friend what exactly did he mean. Roger said, “I think you really need to try something new. It’s that simple.” Roger kissed his friend’s lips. Anthony immediately melted with blushing confusion. Roger continued, “Now Anthony doesn’t that take some of the pain away?” Anthony, unsure, but surprisingly moved, said, “A little, I guess?” “A little?” Anthony then felt Roger’s strong hand cupping his ass and this time gave Anthony a much deeper and wetter kiss. Anthony felt his blood rushing with huge passion. He was finally getting the attention he deeply and psychologicaly needed and wanted. The two men embraced and moaned as they felt their excited cocks press against each other.

Anthony realized in that moment that instead of feeling the shame of small penis humiliation interracial BBC girlfriend revenge, that it was pointless to dwell on it or even think about her anymore. He knew he had to give in to Roger and this new passion he had never felt or even thought of before. And Roger knew he had to make his move now…”

by Gaywayne, edited by Sara

50 Shades of Grey

The writing is insipid, the story is a modern day bodice-ripper laced with some BDSM to give it an aura of danger and excitement. Most of these fan fiction Kindle romances wilt on Amazon like street corner flowers. So, I almost spewed my iced decaf when I read the author is raking in over a million a week on book sales in addition to the movie rights deal she inked. Honestly, I didn’t like the book at all, but I read it. Love 50 Shades of Grey or hate it, E. L. James is taking your love or hate all the way to the bank.

women reading 50 shades of grey

The only passage in 50 Shade of Grey I like and for a personal, selfish reason is that Christian Grey calls his BDSM dungeon a playroom. This gives credence to the concept that I came up with several years ago when I launched my site as an adult playroom and blog with a Femdom edge. I had originally wanted to name it since I heard the word playspace used more commonly in the BDSM community. And now the excerpt from 50 Shades of Grey highlighted:

“Does this mean you’re going to make love to me tonight, Christian?” Holy shit. Did I just say that? His mouth drops open slightly, but he recovers quickly. “No, Anastasia it doesn’t. Firstly, I don’t make love. I fuck… hard. Secondly, there’s a lot more paperwork to do, and thirdly, you don’t yet know what you’re in for. You could still run for the hills. Come, I want to show you my playroom.” My mouth drops open. Fuck hard! Holy shit, that sounds so… hot. But why are we looking at a playroom? I am mystified. “You want to play on your Xbox?” I ask. He laughs, loudly. “No, Anastasia, no Xbox, no Playstation. Come.”

Interracial Sex Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

Before Kim Kardashian married mediocre basketball player Kris Humphries and one could smell PUblicity Stunt with a capital P-U, Khloe Kardashian married baller Lamar Odom. Like most bloggers who preside over an interracial blog, the feeling was that it was a publicity deal, wouldn’t last long and was a symbolic interracial sex marriage illustrating the Kardashian sisters love of BBC. Well, the marriage lasted longer than Carmen Electra’s 7 day interracial sex marriage to baller Dennis Rodman. It lasted longer than Kim’s 72 day marriage to Kris. But the Khloe Lamar interracial sex marriage seems to be genuine in love and lust. Even in the painting depicted below, you can pick up the vibe from the portrait about how much they truly love each other (photo was taken during a family party, hence the cotton candy in front of the painting).

Khloe and Lamar

Lamar denies that he is managed by the Kardashian’s mama manager and states that he’s his own man, though his b-ball career may be coming to a close. Recently, when the Kardashian reality tv show was renewed and revenue splits were revealed, Lamar was getting the least money of all the Kardashian clan and he wasn’t fazed, the show wasn’t about him after all. He is just a lesser member of the cast led by the three headed Cerberus of the Kardashian sisters guarding the golden gates of their fat bank vault. Meanwhile, Kim has been photo-opping with Kanye West and both have tentatively offered their respective L.A. houses to realtors as secretive “pocket listings”, meaning houses not actually listed for sale, although serious offers will be reviewed. Whether this “pocket listings” tactic is just that, a tactic designed to make it look like they might decide to shack up together, well, time will tell. In the meantime, Khloe and Lamar are now the leading interracial sex married couple in the US, since Heidi Klum and Seal are getting divorced.

Size Queen Grannies Think Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Lame

Or rather, they think that Kim Kardashian is lame in her interracial sex tape. Quote from one of the Grannies: “What’s wrong with her. She’s just laying there.” Yes, through most of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Kim chews gum like she’s bored and just lays there while Ray J does the hump-a-rama. One of the Size Queen Grannies even visually illustrates that big Ray J’s big black cock is a two hander with “space in the middle.” Another of the Grannies obviously knows about big black dick and admits there is a saying: “Once you go black, you never go back.” While watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape online, one of the Grannies exclaims: “Oh my God, look at it!” “The end of it is purple!” “What’s taking him so long, he’s young.” LMAO, I must inform the Grannies that big black cocks sometimes take longer to get erect because much more blood is required to flow into their huge black schlongs to make them rock hard, but once they are erect, they are monster meat. Then while Kim Kardashian is taking Ray J’s big black cock up her ass, one of the Grannies explains, “That’s Greek. That’s what the Greeks do. From the back.” If only the Grannies had their own reality show… Ray J could make a guest appearance!

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