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1. Tell me more about NITEFLIRT before I sign up!
Niteflirt.com is a members only phone sex and webcam sex super-site. Niteflirt’s predecessor, Keen.com, launched in 1999. Keen featured expansive psychic reading and phone sex operator listings. In 2008, Keen was acquired by AT&T and now focuses on live psychics and other personalized advice, while Niteflirt is positioned as a distinct phone sex and live cam sex site.

2. Is Niteflirt privacy conscious?
Please feel free to review the Niteflirt privacy and security information right on Niteflirt.com by going to the website and then clicking on *Privacy* in the menu bar in the footer. Your name, personal information and phone number is kept private. A Phone Sex Flirt will only know you by your member name or user name, which you will choose if you sign up on the Niteflirt website or which Niteflirt will choose numerically if you register by phone.

3. Does NITEFLIRT charge Membership Fees, Connection Fees or will I be charged for any type of Recurring Billings?
Niteflirt does not charge membership fees. Your credit card will not be charged for recurring billings. Signing up on Niteflirt is free. Right now, Niteflirt is offering a special of 3 free minutes of phone sex for signing up and calling a Phone Sex Flirt on the site.

As far as connection fees, this applies to Canadian callers and international callers only. For Canadian callers, the current *per minute* connection fee for long distance call routing is 20 cents per minute in addition to the rate per minute that a Phone Sex Flirt features on her listing. International callers will hear their country-specific per minute connection fee for international calling when they call. This *per minute* connection fee covers long distance services.

4. I’m married and concerned what will show up on my credit card statement. I need discreet billing for a NITEFLIRT PHONE SEX call. What will show up on my phone bill for my phone sex call? What number will show on my caller id?
Niteflirt bills discreetly as NF Services

Callers in the US don’t have to worry about any charges showing up on the phone bill. International callers, see FAQs #9 and #10 below.

Not all phone sex companies use a toll-free number or a discreet phone sex call-back service like Niteflirt. Using the Niteflirt toll-free number maintains discretion. If you use the Niteflirt popular Click-to-Call feature, Niteflirt calls back within seconds to connect your call; however, Niteflirt’s anonymous toll free number may display on your caller id. While the Niteflirt toll-free number will appear to be just another telemarketing or robo-call 800 number, if you’re concerned, just delete the Niteflirt 800 phone number from your caller id 😉

5. Which credit cards does NITEFLIRT accept?
Niteflirt accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, JCB, Diners Club or debit or prepaid cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo. Niteflirt does not accept American Express as a payment card for phone sex calls. (Note: This is due to an American Express policy regarding adult transactions where there isn’t a tangible *product* being purchased.)

6. When are you available on NITEFLIRT?
When I’m available, my Niteflirt call button below appears as “CALL NOW”. If I’m on a call, my call button will say “BUSY – Send Mail”. Otherwise my Niteflirt call button below appears as “AWAY – Send Mail”. My Niteflirt phone sex call button is featured on every page of SarasPlayroom.com, so if you’re surfing my site, you can click to call me when the mood strikes!

I take Niteflirt phone sex calls 4 – 5 nites per week, but I do have a career job now so I’m typically not available on weekdays… You can check my Niteflirt call button for my availability or email me on Niteflirt to check my schedule.

My Niteflirt Phone Sex Number:
1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)
Extension 0309221
$1.99 per minute
Click to Call if I’m Live!

Call Saras Playroom for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

7. Can I pay you directly instead of paying through NITEFLIRT?
No. I have a long and devoted relationship to Niteflirt. I do not accept other forms of payment.

8. I’m new to NITEFLIRT, how do the 3 Free Minutes work?
Niteflirt is offering the 3 Free Minutes of Phone Sex as a special for new members. And I will absolutely be expecting that if you click and we click, that you will extend our Niteflirt phone sex call beyond that 3 Free Phone Sex Minutes.

9. I’m an International Caller. How do I connect with NITEFLIRT?
You can call me on Niteflirt directly for your phone sex call!

OPTION #1 Toll Free Number

You can call the Niteflirt toll-free phone sex 800 number and access me through the Niteflirt phone system. If you call the Niteflirt 800 number from an international location, you will have to pay a long distance call routing service a nominal per minute fee to connect your call. You will also have to dial 00-1-800-863-5478 from outside the US or Canada instead of 1-800-863-5478.

Be sure to have your 4 digit Niteflirt PIN (Personal ID Number) which allows you to call me direct for a phone sex call through the Niteflirt phone system. There are two places to find your Niteflirt PIN. 1) Go to your *Account* page and click *Personal Info* or 2) When you are looking at any of my Niteflirt Phone Sex listing pages, on the left hand sidebar of each listing, you will see where to click to obtain your Niteflirt PIN:

Saras Playroom Niteflirt Phone Sex

Niteflirt will prompt you to enter the phone number associated with your account and your PIN. Don’t worry, you don’t have to call Niteflirt for phone sex from that phone number.

Once you’ve signed in, then you can either browse the Niteflirt phone sex menu and hear greetings from Flirts you’ve called recently, listen to individual greetings from Flirts in different phone sex categories… or you can proceed to enter the extension for your favorite Flirt (me!) and place your phonesex call. I have my extensions posted in various locations on my website, but if you’re planning to call for phone sex now:

International Callers Only

Dial: 00-1-800-863-5478 Ext. 0309221

$1.99 per minute plus International Long Distance will apply

I have received many phone sex calls from international callers via landline, VoIP like Skype and mobile phone. If you are having a problem connecting, please send a Customer Support message to Niteflirt by clicking on *Help* in the top menu bar then clicking on *Placing Calls*.

OPTION #2 US VoIP or Virtual Number

You can utilize VoIP such as SkypeIn to place phone sex calls to Niteflirt outside of the US and Canada if you wish to avert the international long distance charges from Niteflirt. And you can use the Niteflirt Click-to-Call phone sex call buttons feature with a US VoIP number. Be sure to choose a US based phone number for your VoIP or SkypeIn number. Go into your VoIP account and forward your “American” number to the telephone number on which you want to take your Niteflirt phonesex call. Also be sure to put your “American” VoIP phone number in your Niteflirt account.

10. Why is your NITEFLIRT phone sex extension different for every listing?
That’s a feature of Niteflirt. Each of my themed listings has a different extension and they all reach me!

11. Are you part of NITEFLIRT?
I am not an employee or agent of Niteflirt. This is my personal phone sex blog! I use Niteflirt as a payment processor for my phone sex sessions, sex games, photos and sexy stories, etc. My relationship to Niteflirt is to utilize their phone sex call payment processing and to market myself on their live phone sex website. I abide by their rules in doing so.

12. I want to buy some of your Games, Photos and Stories here at Sara’s Playroom. I don’t have the privacy to do a NITEFLIRT phone sex call with you. How do I buy them?
You will need to sign up on Niteflirt. In order to buy my games, stories, assignments, photos or other Pay-to-Views, you must have a Niteflirt membership. Signing up is free. You pay only for whatever you decide to buy. When you click on each item, you will see the price. I also can do custom games, stories, assignments and pay-to-views, so if you don’t see something that fits your fetish or fantasy. Note: Personalized Pay-to-Views are far more expensive.

13. What is Sara’s Playroom?
I wanted to configure a website and Niteflirt name that would allude to a Femdom or Mistress playspace. A playspace is what some Mistresses call their dungeon space, instead of using the ominous word dungeon. I first thought of Sara’s Playspace, but to me it didn’t sound as catchy as Sara’s Playroom. Most of my friends who I queried, liked Sara’s Playspace better, and while I do have a tiny bit of regret that I didn’t go with Sara’s Playspace, it’s too late to change now. Did you find me from a Google search looking for Sara’s Playroom Saras Playroom Sarahs Playroom Saras+Playroom or Sarah’s Playroom on Niteflirt? You’ve come to the right place or space!

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