Interracial Penis Size Evolution

Why do black men have a bigger penis than white men? And why are whiteboys so submissive and open to being systematically black cuckolded? These are questions that occupy the minds of emasculated white boys all over the world, as well as beautiful white girls. Read peewee the cuckold‘s groundbreaking and startling theory on the interracial penis size evolution!

No doubt, beautiful women constantly ask themselves how they came to be dealt such a weak hand, as they lustfully yearn for real men with big black cocks. It is scientific FACT that the white boys in the UK, Europe and North America have, on average, a much smaller penis than big black men from Africa or of African descent. Just as elsewhere in the world, we all know that black men have bigger penises than the white boys. It is therefore assumed that penis length is genetically determined. But there remain no scientific studies which have identified the genetic regulators of penis length. So, why would there be a size difference?

As with all females, when taken as a general trend, women DO admire, appreciate and seek the longer and larger penis. As such, any proposed theory that there has been sexual selection towards a smaller penis, therefore, becomes implausible and fallacious. However, evolution often works in strange ways and I seek to propose a different theory on the size difference between the black and white human penis.

Penis Size Evolution Theory

The penis is a well vascularized organ. In this way it differs to a degree from other primate penises. The penis is not only well vascularized, but also the blood flow to the penis can be regulated. This can only mean one thing. The penis is a heat exchanger. A comparable organ is the ear of the African elephant. It is well vascularized and has a large surface area. It is used to dissipate heat. The male penis is not only used for reproductive means, it is also a heat exchanger in the hot climate of Africa where humans emerged. A dual function of organs is not uncommon in the animal kingdom. When pioneering humans first migrated to Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia from Africa, the cradle of humanity, they settled in cold climates. Initially, the difficulties in settling would have been immense, as these explorers were acclimatized to sun and heat. A large penis was therefore evolutionarily detrimental to survival as it dissipated too much heat. Consequently, as generations passed, and the surviving specimens were those who had the smallest penises and thus acclimatized to their new environments more quickly and efficiently, the penis of this group of men shrank to reduce the surface area.

Naysayers should also note that a common-held evolutionary theory is that Asians and Africans, et al, are descendants from TWO different specimens! So, the comparison between those whom have descended from the African men, and those whom have descended from the far smaller Asian specimen, is not a valid one. Hence the reason why Asians have tiny cocks despite their warm climes! And that, Saras Playroom readers, is the truth and nothing but the truth so help me Darwin.

White Boy Cuckolds

As for why white boys are increasingly surrendering to their girls’ exodus to black cock, and choosing to torture themselves by associating, supporting and idolizing these “fans of tan” and real men as they humiliate and eventually breed the white male out of existence, I think it is clear. Every man wants what he can’t have. When you couple that with the inescapable fact that so many of our MOST beautiful white girls are now exclusive to black, then you have created a natural propensity for white men to fixate on these unattainable, sexy, black cock sluts as though they were Goddesses to be worshiped. Fine, but why do white boy cuckolds also submit so helplessly to the black men that are winning the hearts of our beloved girls? Why are they beginning to stop resisting and instead, starting to kneel in submission as they watch their girlfriends and wives slip out of their clutches and skip merrily into the beds of the black men?

Well, what else can they do?!

Black men are generally bigger, tougher, more dominant. The white boys know that. They also know that their girls DO want the black cock, whether they like it or not. If they fight it, their girls will only resent them even more than they already do, for having held them back from their dark desires for too long. And in any case, if they fought it, they would lose. So, in a position of complete helplessness, white boys have been forced to re-educate their sexual response system, so that they eroticize the idea of their girls betraying and humiliating them with better endowed, bigger black men. They offer up anything they can – servitude, gifts, cleaning services, etc – just for the opportunity to be around a beautiful girl and her real man because they know they have nothing else to bring to the table. And many whiteboys willingly lap a girl’s pussy clean of the black bull’s spunk because they know that this might be the only means by which to savor actual physical contact with the objects of their affection.

2 Responses to “Interracial Penis Size Evolution”

  • CooCooforBBC:

    Interesting theory. I’ve always thought that black cocks shrunk in size when African males migrated north because of the colder temperatures (yknow how cold shrinks cocks), but never thought of the cock as a heat exchanger as well.

  • getyouryayi:

    I always wondered why skin got lighter, cock size got smaller, hair got straighter, nose got thinner, and other attributes changed. Evolutionary!

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